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Personal requirements for competitors attending SAE Supermileage 2022

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What rules on personal behavior are there for competitors to Eaton's Proving Grounds?
Key personal behaviors when attending SAE Supermileage 2022 hosted by the Eaton Corporation Vehicle Group at the Marshall Proving Grounds include:
1) The speed limit on all Eaton properties, as soon as one leaves the public roadway, is 15 MPH. (This does not include the test track oval when fuel economy evaluations are being conducted.)
2) No use of tabacco or other smoking products is permitted. No alcoholic beverages are permitted. No illegal drugs are permitted.
3) No un-registered visitors are permitted in 2022 due to COVID-19 mitigation measures.
4) Maintain a clean team area. Pick-up trash.
5) Use safe habits that include: a) situational awareness, b) personal protective equipment, and c) look-out for others.
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