Supermileage Knowledge Event

5/4/2021 12:00:12 PM   SAE Supermileage Series

Knowledge Event Dates:
May 13th & 14- Design Presentations

Knowledge Event Platform: Pathable (zoom based)

Knowledge Event Schedule : Available in your series resources or download here

Student Presenter invitations: Presenters should have received an invite to claim their profiles. Please check your spam emails before you send an email us to saying you did not receive the invitation.

Practice sessions: These have been scheduled and are available for your presenters to TEST the Pathable site. They can log in, access zoom, screen sharing etc. There will be NO SAE staff to assist you or judges to practice presenting with during these Practice Sessions. roster: All team members who plan to attend the knowledge event as a presenter should also be affiliated and added to the roster. All members must be an SAE member

Any questions please contact us at [email protected].