Why Register for MobilityForward Challenge?

10/13/2021 11:12:46 AM ET   SAE Supermileage Series

Has your team considered registering for one of our Emerging Technology Series (ETS) programs? There are tons of reasons to participate in MobilityForward - get experience thinking critically about high voltage battery recycling, attend WCX World Congress for free, $10K in prizes, CDS registration fee protection, and more! Here's just a few below:

  • Challenge Yourself
    Help find solutions to new challenges presented by the constantly evolving mobility landscape

  • Get Experience
    Think critically about high voltage battery recycling

  • Showcase Your Knowledge
    Present and defend your solution to a panel of industry judges

  • Attend WCX
    Free admission into WCX SAE World Congress Experience to all participating SAE MobilityForward Challenge teams

  • Expand Knowledge Base
    Step outside of the box – taking part in the SAE MobilityForward Challenge allows teams to innovate without being restricted by cost and other challenges related to a physical build.

  • Safeguard CDS Registration Fees
    Participate in our new FlexConnect program to receive FREE registration for SAE MobilityForward AND receive a full refund of 1 (one) CDS registration fee in the event of government or venue cancellation.

  • Win Cash Prizes
    Over $10,000 is available in cash prizes!

Register Today – Registration Closes November 1, 2021: