October Happenings

10/11/2021 4:16:48 PM ET   SAE Supermileage Series

Don’t miss out on all of the valuable sessions happening later this month at the Supplier Showcase and Fall Kick-Off events. Also happening at the end of the month is SAE Membership’s Student Days in the Student Community of Member Connection. Check out the write ups below to learn more about all of the great opportunities available to all SAE University Programs this month. Lastly, don’t forget that October 31st is the last day that teams can sign up for a 2022 CDS or ETS event.

1. Supplier Showcase: October 28th

Register today for our inaugural Supplier Showcase event! The schedule of sessions for this year’s Technical Skillshops hosted by CDS equipment suppliers is growing! We have a number of sponsors committed to this year’s showcase with topics and summaries being updated weekly. A few sessions that have been finalized so far are:

  • VI-grade Virtual Formula - Introduction to VI-CarRealTime – October 28, 12 PM ET
    In the VI-Grade session, we will review the methods of Lap Time simulation. We will cover the topic from hand calculations to Drive In Loop simulation. VI-Grade is a leader in Real Time vehicle simulation. Our vehicle plant model is used for offline vehicle dynamics, control system modeling, hardware in loop, Drive In Motion, and lap time optimization. In the final portions of the presentation, we will show how students can simulate their team's design with a driver in the loop.

  • How to Use 3D CFD to Optimize Vehicle Aero & Cooling – October 28, 3 PM ET
    In Siemens' live session, we'll teach you about real-world CFD concepts that will help you to optimize your vehicle's aero and cooling performance. We'll cover topics such as: mesh and turbulence models and when to apply them, mesh refinements, boundary placement, and more. We'll also explain the best ways to learn STAR-CCM+ CFD software (e-learning, tutorials, videos, etc.), and how to apply this to your vehicle (simulation templates and guides for cornering, tires, radiators, and more).

Supplier Showcase - Register Today!

2. Fall Kick-Off: October 29, 10 AM – 4 PM ET

Register today for our second annual Fall Kick-Off event! We have plenty of great sessions planned for 2022 CDS teams on the 29th! We will have several sessions reviewing information such as how to: navigate competition web pages, submit documents, access SAE standards in MOBILIS, complete the Fast Track Roster process, and more! We also have planned for you some insight into SAE’s Vision of Centrality in Mobility and some really great Faculty Advisor content such as:

  • Acquiring Team Sponsorship – October 29, 10 AM ET
    Join Dr. Trent Lindbloom, Pittsburg State University Baja SAE Faculty Advisor and Baja SAE Kansas Event Organizer, as he reviews how his team approaches sponsorship and raising funds throughout the year. Though this presentation is set through the lens of a Baja SAE team, the information shared is valuable to any CDS series and includes a lot of great takeaways for both new and seasoned teams.

  • Succession Planning Faculty Advisor Panel - October 29, 11 AM ET
    The Succession Panel will include Chris Dalton from the University of Oklahoma, Ken Cunefare from Georgia Institute of Technology and Christopher Foley from the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs.

  • Team Management Faculty Advisor Panel – October 29, 12 PM ET
    The Team Management Panel will include Charles Kaneb from the University of Texas - Austin, Michael Bryson from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and Justin Miller from Brigham Young University – Idaho.

  • Collegiate Design Series teams are for Everyone! Building a Culture of Inclusion on Your Team – October 29, 1 PM ET
    Join Diane Peters from Kettering Univ for a discussion about how faculty advisors can work towards an inclusive team culture that attracts and values students from all backgrounds and demographics.

  • Team Recruitment Faculty Advisor Panel – October 29, 3 PM ET
    The Team Recruitment Panel will include, Jordan Roberts from Auburn University, Justin Miller from Brigham Young University – Idaho, Ken Cunefare from Georgia Institute of Technology and Chris Dalton from the University of Oklahoma.

Fall Kick-Off - Register Today!

3. Membership Student Days in Member Connection: October 25-29

What is "Student Days" in Member Connection?
This is an activity that takes place in the NEW Student Community in Member Connection. The student community is a space for students to interact with their peers and discuss technical topics, vehicle competition topics (Baja, Formula, or Aerodesign), exchange ideas around SAE Collegiate Chapters, and more.

  • October 25 and 26: Resume Clinic
  • October 27 and 28: Chat with the Expert on the topic of "Failure." There will be a WebEx in addition to text chat within the
  • October 29: Photo and/or Video Contest (show us your school spirit, your competition pictures, chapter meetings, and more!) For the videos, give us a testimonial of your SAE Student Member experience!

Learn more about Student Community activities here:

4. Registration Closing: November 1, 2021

Has your team registered for all planned 2022 events? If not, be sure to register at https://www.sae.org/attend/student-events prior to the November 1st deadline. In addition, is your team aware of the brand new way that you can safeguard your registration fees? Protect your registration fees and receive a full 100% refund in the event of government or venue cancellation by participating in FlexConnect – there’s still time!

Still confused on what FlexConnect is?